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“Paradise's intuitive methods empower, enlighten and heal on multiple levels, 

unlocking love, courage and strength to envision and evolve into my ideal ... future joyous self."  

Energy Healing Session

"Wow Breathtakingly Awesome, Truly Magnificent, Thank You!"  

Sunset Portrait Session

"I definitely feel better than ever, 20 years younger! Wow, Awesome!" 

Fountain of Youth Water Adventures

"Best Day Ever Tour ... Overcame my fear of the Ocean!

 Enjoyed my first surf lesson, rode my first wave, Mahalo for the Video!" 

Best Day Ever Tour

"Wow, Awesome! Really appreciate our Wedding Photography!" 

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"Be Love" Spiritual Guidebook

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Fun Poetry & Sing Alongs

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For Kids of All Ages

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Monk Seal Resting

Monk Seal Resting

Unlock the Power of Earthing 

Sit, stand, lay on the Earth, near a favorite tree, grass, or sandy beaches. Stroll through an Enchanted Forrest, Park or Garden. The Divine Intelligence of the Universe, Resides Within You and ALL of Creation! 

Water We Love You!

 Thank You!

Dr. Emoto, a water scientist from Tokyo Japan conducted 100s of water experiences and he concluded water is sentient, has memory and can be purified via prayer, meditation, uplifting music and positive phrases such as "I love you, Thank you, I am Sorry and Please Forgive me!" 

In Hawaiian we call this prayer: Ho'oponopono

Reconciliation can bring inner peace and harmony

Kindness can create Paradise & open up whole new worlds 

Forgiveness of yourself and others can set you free to fully thrive in joy, beauty and prosperity of the Heart. 

Inner Peace & Harmony

Some Basic Life Precepts (Hawaiian & English) The Golden Rule is Simply "Live & Let Live Free from Harm"

(Pono) Make Correct, Practice Virtues & Righteousness 

(Mana) Life Force, Living Energy, Frequencies & Vibrations that Make Up All of Creation

(Malama) To Care For that which we have received 

(Peace Maluhia & Aloha) Recognizing the Life Force Energy

Within All Life or Breath of Life (The Holy Spirit / Grace of God)

Shaka is a slang term that means HAVE FUN! Live Life to the Fullest! Enjoy!!!

Aura Art

Sacred Geometry Photography

Enjoy Nature's Splendor


"Always Believe Something Wonderful is About to Happen!"

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"Follow Your Dreams

Big & Small Follow Them All"

Shakira Paradise Rose


Today is a wondrous, glorious, loving day indeed!    

Zorra of Hollow Earth

Celebrate the Awe Beauty & Wonderment of Creation

Thrive in Joy, Beauty & Abundance And Help Others Do the Same"

Visit Trees for Tots

Pineapples are Infinity Foods

Pineapple Crowns can be Replanted

Save the Tops! Help Create Prosperity for All

Support Trees for Tots

Local Seed Banks & Jubilee Peace Trees 

Juice Bars of the Future in Schools

Venmo "Aloha-Aina" 

We Say Mahalo 

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YES You Can Reach New Heights 



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Text is Best

"Everyone can use a good coach sometimes"

"I learned ways to heal my Heart & Release deep traumas"

"Thank you so, so much!"

Univeral Health Care

Enjoy World Peace Collage Mentors & Inventors

Loving Phrases, Uplifting Music & Chants Can Heal

Guided Meditations Can Heal

Love & Gratitude Can Heal

Faith Can Heal

"Laughter is the Best Medicine & Mother Nature Laughs in Flowers"


Meet Mentors & Inventors Helping Create a Better World for All

Learn About Global Nutrition Guides

Enjoy Inner Peace & Happiness

The Light Party

A New Paradigm in Politics ... Unity & Cooperation, Peace, Health, Freedom & Prosperity for All... Plus Uplifting Music, Art & Entertainment. For more info, visit TheLightParty.com

When You Change Your Frequency, Everything Can Change for the Better!

Universal Healing Frequencies can help protect people, animals, plants, trees, soil, water and our atmosphere empowering society to thrive free of pollutants and harsh chemicals. Plus we can help end the spread of pandemics with Light Therapy Including Aids, Malaria, STDs, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease and up to 400,000 Pathogens and viruses. FreeScalar.net     ScalarLight.com

Universal Healing Frequencies

RonTheInventor.com   Enjoy Advanced Frequency tools, E Vehicles & Green Tech


     TheLemurianPlug.com Gift to Humanity for the Wellbeing of People, Pets & Environment


  TeslaWristBand.com          Accelerated Healing with Universal Love Frequencies. Code: RS-TESLA


 Pure-Light.com Beautiful Full Spectrum Lights (Help Eliminate Odors and Spread of Viruses)

               Divine Healing Codes              

Free for All Universal Numeric Healing Codes

Rest Assured People, Pets & the Planet Can Thrive​

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM

Learn fun ways to prevent numerous ailments from A-Z

Enjoy Free Phone Apps, Veg Kits & Important Nutrition Guides

Mark Reinfeld is the Co Founder of Vegan Fusion Academy and Author of Incredible Vegan Recipe Books. Enjoy fresh, delicious plant based recipes from Around the Globe. If you are interested in hosting a compassion based event, visit VEGFUND for support.

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