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Ever hear the phrase "You are what you eat?" An amazing Medical Group of Compassion-based Physicians discovered that numerous costly ailments including Heart related problems, diabetes and various types of cancers can be all prevented, treated and reversed with better understanding of the immense benefits the four main food groups namely: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Legumes.  For more information on how to thrive at any age, enjoy www.TheBlenderGirl.com 

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The following Great Books Library supports thriving from the inside out, and enjoying vibrant health, ageless beauty, increased joy and restful sleep with delicious, pH balanced plant sourced meals.

Kids and Pets can thrive healthy and happy, adults can reverse the impacts of aging  naturally and enjoy celebrating life with joy, beauty and abundance. 

Every day is a new day ... simple steps can make a big difference like giving Meatless Mondays a try or a 21 Day Healthy Living Kickstart Program... Life begets life and all creatures no matter how large or small innately seek peace.

This Great Books Library introduces amazing Mentors striving to help create a better world for all and spread Universal Peace, Love, and Kindness as the foundation for our lives and society. Many of the world renowned authors below have participated in Holistic Holiday at Sea and Holistic Wellness Centers helping empower health and well being. 

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