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Ever hear the phrase "You are what you eat?" An amazing Medical Group of Compassion-based Physicians discovered that numerous costly ailments including Heart related problems, diabetes and various types of cancers can be all prevented, treated and reversed with better understanding of the immense benefits the four main food groups namely: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Legumes.  For more information on how to thrive at any age, enjoy www.TheBlenderGirl.com 

Planting Trees Supports an Emission Free, Zero Waste Planet

Foundation ART proceeds help support Local Seed Banks, 

Tower Gardens and Jubilee Peace Trees 

Strawberry Fields Forever Tower Garden Project

Every Boys & Girls Club Can Apply & Receive a Free Tower Garden

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Suggested Donations

$5-$10 dollars sponsors a Cup of Joe 

$20 dollars helps send 1 Seed Packet Kit to a Grade School

$100 dollars helps Plant a Peace Tree

$250 dollars sponsors a Community Peace Tree Party for up to 33 people

Other Amounts ... Larger donations support our goal to drive delivery vehicles that are 100% free of harsh emissions, plus place JuiceBarsofthefuture.org in every school, hospital and military cafeterias. 

Strawberry Fields Forever supports putting Living Tower Gardens with strawberries and other fresh foods in schools worldwide, cultural art centers and eco-friendly resorts. 

How to Host Peace Tree Parties ... Gather Neighbors, Friends and Family for a Fun Seed/Tree Exchange. Potlucks are wonderful and sharing a video presentation on the Magnificence of Trees & Flora for example:  The Secret Language of Trees