Celebrate Life

Trees for Tots

Jubilee Peace Trees

Fun Tree Planting Parties

Mother Earth is an amazing planet in a vast, stunningly beautiful cosmos. There are literally trillions of galaxies. Trees, plants and flora, the Earth's grassy areas and sandy beaches radiate Universal Healing Frequencies. Planting Trees and Saving Seeds are fun activities that can help spread Peace, Beauty & Love around the globe. 

How to Support Local Growers

Find a CSA in Your Area

Search for Local Farmer Markets

Visit Local Farms & Community Gardens

Home Projects (DIY)

Grow Tower Gardens & Green Walls

Moringa Tree Fences

Beautiful Potted Herbs & Raised Garden Beds

Fun Activities

There are countless fun projects with Sprouted Cocos

Growing Sprouts can be easy and fun

Wheatgrass Trays & Strawberries

Trees and potted plants can do well indoors and outdoors.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

Generous Donations help support Fun Tree Planting Projects

Tower Gardens, Local Food Forests & Seed Banks