The Future is Bright

We are all in this together. The situation in the Ukraine and "COVID" can help unite us around the globe in support of lasting peace alliances, cures, and green energy. We can travel and live sustainably. 3D printers can build eco-friendly homes as quickly as 12 hours. Food replicators and hydroponic gardens can provide true organic produce. Uniting in the healing of the Earth's water can also greatly assist our planet.

Celestial Med Beds are sophisticated enough to re-grow limbs.  Ron the Inventor is bringing forth incredible frequency tools that can assist in restoring planetary wide well-being as the "new norm" no one has to struggle with chronic ailments, afflictions or addictions. Dr. Albert Einstein one of the world's great thinkers predicted better understanding of frequencies would define the future of medicine. Jared Rand understands the power of Holographic Celestial Chambers, Food & Clothing Repicators, 3D Printers, Zero Point Energy and Propulsion Systems to aid in creating planetary wide well-being. Disease can become a thing of the past and yes we can thrive pollution free.

Faith Can Heal

Christ's Love Power is available freely and equally to All of Us. Pure Unconditional Love can cure. Faith can Heal! Vibrant health and well-being are within reach. Believe in Love, Life, Miracles ... 

Body Mind Spiritual Harmony

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD is the founder of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the (4) main food groups for children and adults to thrive healthy from birth to elder years are:

1. Fruits

2. Vegetables

3. Whole Grains

4. Legumes

Animal products have unhealthy cholesterol that can lead to numerous costly ailments whereas plant foods including seaweeds, mushrooms, herbs, veggies, beans, legumes, greens, fruits and berries taste great and are 100% free of harsh cholesterols. PCRM provides Free Healthy Living Phone Apps, Fun Menu Guides, The Power Plate, Veg Kits and Healthy Living Startup Programs that can help prevent numerous ailments from A-Z.

Power of Unconditional Love

All Life is Sentient & everything we truly need is provided freely & lovingly from Creator Source. Love & Gratitude are recipes for success~

Advanced Medical Care

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD founder of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine provides free Phone Apps & Life Saving Global Nutrition Guides. For more information, please visit PCRM.

Peace Ambassador, Tom Paladino  brings forth a cure for the Covid and up to 400,000 infectious viruses and pathogens. Enjoy peace of mind, enhanced immunity and hormonal balance. For more information, please visit     

The power of sincere prayers, intentions and meditation can help create a more peaceful & loving world, safe home school & work environments, loving trusting experiences, vibrant health, inner peace and well-being. 

Divine Healing Codes 

Green Technology

Powering our Earth wisely can be accomplished with recycling programs, reforestation, conservation efforts and growing sustainable organic gardens. Hemp has more than 50,000 uses! 

Burning polluting fossil fuels can be replaced with greener alternatives that are a win-win for everyone. Solar, wind, tidal power, particle accelerators and gravity are all environment safe and user friendly. 

Dew Catchers can provide clean water, and saline water can be purified so everyone can have pure water to drink, bath and clean with. Plants and trees and all animal kingdoms depend upon clean air and clean water. Humans are the only species polluting these precious resources. 

Whenever possible reuse, recycle and compost. Helping the Trees for Tots outreach is as simple as saving seeds from fruits and planting them in community peace gardens. 

Birds are also happy to help! They will gladly enjoy fruits and help disperse the seeds into nature. Throughout the Cosmos all the planets, stars and galaxies thrive in prosperity and abundance. 

The Earth is a Gem in the Cosmos with verdant green pastures, majestic mountain ranges, aqua blue oceans, and majestic plains. We are blessed with equal time. How you spend it is up to you! Reconnecting with Nature can bring much joy into your life and those around you. There are whole new worlds just waiting to be discovered!

Making Peace a Priority

United States Constitution

Apology for illegal occupation of Hawaii 

Live and Let Live free from Harm (The Golden Rule)

The Cosmos Reflects Infinite Abundance and Prosperity

Endless Love & Creativity

From the Mountains to the Sea

One with our Star Family

Love is Real

Love is Real

Love is the Reality

Ask & Receive

Trust & Believe

Miracles Happen All The Time

Remember Everyone is Someone's Miracle

Throughout the Entire Cosmos All Life is Precious

Artainment Next Step in Entertainment

Enjoy a wealth of spiritually based uplifting music videos designed to enlighten your day, provide inspiration, healing and relaxation. ''

Music can connect us around the globe ...

Now is the time to unite and grow stronger.

Keep your heart & mind dancing.

Da Vid co founder of Artainment also started the Light Party platform to help support enlightened Earth Alliances supportive of lasting peace, health, freedom and prosperity around the globe. 

Divine Magnificence 

Dianne Robbin's   is a Peace Ambassador for the Confederation of Peaceful Planets from Mount Shasta CA USA  Dianne introduces whole new worlds including glimpses of Hollow Earth, Telos a spiritually advanced community located in a subterranean city below Mount Shasta, Majestic Trees, Crystal Kingdoms, and Loving Messages from The Mer Community from Dolphins & Whales helping balance the Earth's Grid & Leylines.

Miracle Love Tones

The Splendor of Nature is ever present.  Golden Sunlight at Sunrise & Sunset, Bird Songs, Waterfalls, The Ocean & Beaches, a Soft Gentle Breeze, Stars, The Moon, Celestial Wonders & Nature's Splendor ... beautiful trees, flora, flowers, grasses, coral reefs, sea creatures and sea vegetation create planetary abundance.  

Rainbows are magical and free for all. Ever hug a newborn infant, kitten or puppy? They emit Pure Love 528 hz this  Miracle Love Tone also resides within you whenever you feel Love, Bliss, Happiness, Peace, Gratitude, Joy, Exuberance... Atonement ... Unity of Oneness Harmony with All of Creation.

Never Walk Alone ... Connect with Pure Source Love

We are all uniquely different and all of us are part of the whole. If you ever feel lonely step into Nature and know you are loved beyond human measures! You can also touch your Heart and say these words ... 

I Am One with Pure Source Love

I Am That I Am, I Am That I Am, I Am That I Am, 

I Am Love, I Am Strong, I AM One with All That Is 

And I Know It!

Power of Loving Thoughts

Words & Phrases

I Love You

I Am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

Love & Gratitude Can Heal

Happiness Can Heal

Laughter & Hugs

Admiral Byrd travelled into the Hollow Earth with his son on an amazing adventure and he kept a log of his journey. Enjoy Admiral Byrd's story and epic adventures. The Hollow Earth has a High Council that strongly suggests the surface populations transition away from burning fossil fuels and take care of Mother Earth as our shared home.  Rest assured, the future is Bright! It's Earth's Destiny to shine as a welcome member of the Confederation of Peaceful Planets and each of us can help with support of eco-friendly solutions and lifestyles.

Shildan Nidle composed a great book called "Meet Our Galactic Family" and has a great video on how to say "Hi" in 6 Galactic languages. Because Spiritual Advanced Races are very gentle beings and telepathic, one way to connect with them is to embrace a vegan lifestyle, enjoy Earthing ... walking barefoot and being around trees and nature kingdoms, also focus on your Heart ... Being in a state of Love & Kindness. 

For a Spiritual Session to Help Activate Your Ability to See & Feel 

And Co Create Beyond the 6 senses

Call or Text (808) 278-8352 

Trees for Tots

Kids & adults can have fun starting seed banks, sharing seeds with one another, creating fun games and jewelry. Trees & flora can help spread peace and non-violence, an abundance of delicious foods and support healthier habitats around the globe.

Fun Food Trivia

Thriving Healthy from the Get Go                                          Enjoy Ageless Beauty

Super Super Foods!

Spirulina is a Safe Infant Formula & Super Nutrient Rich Supplement for Kids & Adults. 

Another amazing supplement is Moringa also called the Miracle Tree or Neem Plant. Canoe Trees are filled with vibrant colors, textures and flavors. Our body, mind and spirit can reach new heights... You can experience ageless beauty, the joy of the ages, increased creativity and restful sleep.

The Veg Fund .... No matter how big or small, loving & kind actions help create Paradise.  Neighbors helping neighbors... Compassion, sharing and caring.

All Creatures are sentient so whenever possible helping educate others about eco-friendly foods and environment safe products can help create a better more peaceful and loving society for all of us.

Ancient Builder Races

The methods of the ancient master builders were utilizing sacred geometry and geodetic knowledge to create structures that resonated with the earth’s energy field and because these structures were harmonically attuned to the earth’s natural field, they amplified the higher consciousness and healing properties that restore and maintain energetic balance, by using the geometric patterns found in the divine laws of nature.

Hemp Cars

Hemp Cars are smart, efficient and fun...

The Freedom RV Car

Councils of Love & Light

Da Vid founder of the Light Party

Health Peace  Freedom For All

You Can Heal & Help Others Thrive

Meet Peace Ambassador Tom Palidino