From the Inside Out

May only golden Aloha Reside in Our Hearts

Nature's Gifts of Love

Connecting with Mother Nature such as gratitude walks, enjoying gardens, flowers, trees, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and fun outdoor activities can help elevate your spirits and promotes vibrant health, inner peace, harmony and happiness.

Power of Faith

Faith can heal. Miracles happen every day!

Know You Are Loved Beyond Human Measures

Ask & Receive, Seek & Find

Power of Loving Thoughts

Today is a brand new day. Setting positive intentions, making a vision board, writing down your dreams and aspirations can help you accomplish goals. Find good mentors and take necessary action steps... Co-Create Miracles & Live your dreams.


An Advanced Technology designed to eliminate indoor mold/mildew, pet odors and stop   viruses and pathogens in their tracks. Plug Pure-Lights into traditional light sockets and enjoy daylight balanced, full spectrum lighting, Super Pure Oxygen and Pure environments. Great for homes, schools and work areas.

Omni Mat

High Tech Healing Mat for full body well-being, deep healing, deep tissue repair and restoring vibrant health at the molecular level. For more information, visit

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter can reduce anxiety, help relieve chronic ailments, increase healthy oxygen levels, restore peace and harmony and heal cells. Ha Ha, He He, Ho Ho!

Pure Love of Babies, Kids & Pets

Babies, Kids and Pets are still connected to Pure Source Love. Holding a baby, puppy or kitten can re-connect us with Pure Source Love.

Conscious Breathing

Relax and slowly breath into your heart. Every Heartbeat sends Pure Love to your entire being. Touching your Heart can also instantly re-connect you to Pure Source Love.

The Miracle Love Tone (God Gene) Divine Matrix

 Pure Source Love is ever present within us and all around us. Scientists identify 528 Hz as the Miracle Love Tone or God Gene that vibrates throughout the entire cosmos. The Divine Matrix recognizes the Divinity within all of Creation.

Solfeggio (Uplifting Music Can Heal)

  • Inducing feelings of relaxation and increased well-being
  • Decreasing negative emotions, stress, and anxiety
  • Improved concentration and motivation
  • Improved sleep
  • Better long-term memory
  • Overcome addictive substances
  • Repair cells, tissues, glands, etc.
  • Relieve Guilt, Shame, Anger & Resentments
  • Feel Loved, Safe & Secure
  • Awaken Pure Love within you
  • Connect with Deep Eternal Love
  • Enhance Creativity 

Specific Tones

1. Anaesthetic-174Hz

2.Restructure Organs 285Hz

3.Mental Cleansing 396Hz

4.Facilitating Change 417Hz

5.DNA Repair 528Hz





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High Tech Healing

Epic Bites Celebrate Life

Be Inspired to Thrive from The Inside Out. Enjoy inspiring quotes and recipes for radiant well-being.

Get the "Glow" Naturally..

Happiness Inside!

Enjoy Fun Songs

Jubilee Jubilee Won't You Sing With Me

And The Birthday Song

Be Love

Positive Affirmations

Enjoy Positive, Loving Affirmations and Beautiful, Uplifting Art