Vision Quest 

Connect with innate spiritual gifts, talents and abilities such as telepathy, endless love and creativity. Inner peace and happiness are within reach. You can reach new heights!

Lemurian Vortex Tour

Today is a wondrous, glorious, loving day indeed. Learn about an advanced spiritual civilization called Lemuria during a fun nature excursion. Swim in pristine fountain of youth water, experience an amazing enchanted forest, exotic trees, flora and wildlife.

Avatar Adventure

From the Mountains to the Sea experience whole new worlds! Be prepared to be amazed! Kaua'i is filled with awe, beauty and wonderment. Enjoy an off the beaten trail excursion to an amazing cave with many treasures, see tortoise and walk to a labyrinth located on a coastal trail filled with Mother Nature's splendor. 

Starseed Star Watch

On clear nights the planets, stars and nebula are visible with the naked eye. Enjoy a spectacular light show (1-10 Guests) Learn about celestial navigation before the invention of cell phones and GPS. What to bring: Comfortable lawn chair, cozy jacket and blanket.

3 1/2 hours per adventure


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